Comprehensive Accounting Solutions

Sam Macaluso & Associates in Countryside, IL provides turnkey solutions to all your accounting, bookkeeping, and wealth management concerns.

Our Services

We offer assistance and professional advice on different aspects of accounting and financial planning.

Corporate Consulting & Succession Planning

Governance and Succession Planning are essential to any company's future and profitability. Macaluso & Associates can help formulate a deep understanding of your company's strategic direction. 

Our team of Consultants & Business Brokerage experts, will be able to provide a clear perspective for your company and its goals. 

Personal Financial Accounting / Estate Plans

Sam Macaluso & Associates offer estate planning services. Our team of professionals will make sure that your assets will go to the correct beneficiaries.

We are the right team to turn to for your personal accounting and estate planning needs. When you choose us, you will have proactive and experienced tax professionals on your side.

Business Accounting & Payroll Services

We offer unmatched professional bookkeeping and payroll services. These include creating monthly and quarterly reports.

You don’t have to navigate through complex accounting details by yourself. By delegating accounting and bookkeeping tasks to our team, you can focus more on growing your business.

Our payroll services help you cut the time spent on administration. It also helps you implement a user-friendly, virtual payroll system in your organization.

Make your payment processing more convenient with our help. To book an appointment, you may contact us via phone or email. You may also reach out to us by filling out our inquiry form.

Senior / Life services 

If you have arrived at the golden years, we want to help you navigate this path to ensure your idea of retirement is what you envisioned. Whether your changing your tax return status, downsizing your home, renewing your will, starting a trust for your grandchildren, or looking into long term health care, we can help. Sam Macaluso is a Vietnam Veteran and a grandfather, so with his life experience and professionalism he cares about how we plan our retirement.

Investments & 401 (k) plans

Detailed Investment planning is essential to your future and retiring comfortably. Whether you are interested in corporate profit sharing, need a 401 (k) plan, or simply need guidance on how to grow your retirement savings strategically, our services and expertise are all encompassing.

IRS Audit Assistance

Comprehensive preparation for an IRS audit is important. This is because if the IRS finds errors in your tax information, you may be subject to penalties.

Prevent this from happening by getting assistance from our team. We’ll assist you throughout the process, from preparing reports to communicating with the IRS.

Why Choose Us

Wide Range of Services

We provide turnkey solutions for all your accounting, bookkeeping, and wealth management concerns. You can rely on us for assistance on tasks ranging from preparing your tax returns to planning the distribution of your estate. Additionally, we offer sound advice on investment vehicles such as mutual funds and fixed and variable annuities, as well as life insurance.

Innovative Solutions

We do not only have great ideas, we also strive to turn them into concrete solutions that will benefit our clients. As a result of our out-of-the-box thinking and work ethic, we can present novel financial & business implementation strategies.

With the assistance of our Technology Partner, "Catalyst", we can ensure that your Company is set to operate in the forever changing world of technology.

Individualized Approach

As a result of our thorough assessment we will provide effective solutions to your problem. Whether it’s a concern regarding tax preparation, estate planning, or IRS auditing, you can be sure that our team will guide you throughout the process. Additionally, we offer sound advice on life insurance, as well as various types of annuities and investment management services through our affiliated registered investment adviser.